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Atachon TURBO | Fighting Games Controller

Atachon TURBO | Fighting Games Controller

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Stickless controller equipped with 26mm buttons running on MX silver low profile switches.
Perfect for fighting and platform games.

Controller dimensions are 21.5 x 11.5 cm.
It is made of thin sheets of acrylic with the PCB put in between. The design was made with customization in mind, and thus allows user to put own graphics on the controller.

It has 6 function buttons, standard for PS4 controllers (Start, Select, L3, R3, Home and Touchpad).
Every button is equipped with RGB LED diode.

The controller uses RP2040, running the GP2040 firmware. You can find more info about it here:
It supports PC, Nintendo Switch, PS3, and a number of selected PS4 games with legacy controller support.

It uses USB-C connection.
The cable is not included.

GP2040-CE 0.7.2 for TURBO

Photos by Bartosz Wężyk

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